29 x 35 inch

Duan Zhaonan-  'Father', framed, oil on canvas, 2015.

29 x 35 inch     74 x 89 cm

Artist Duan Zhaonan Born in 1955 in Yunnan, renowned Chinese Opera Figure Painter, Educator, Playwright and Producer.

Mr. Duan serves as Director of Chinese Dramatic Literature Society, Chairman of the American Chinese Culture Artists Association.

Since 1986, Mr. Duan has been written more than twenty regular columns under the title “Duan’s Opera Figure Painting Column” on Chinese Newspapers and Magazines in US and China. He has published thousands of Opera Figurative paintings and has featured in more than two hundreds reports and interviews from television, radio, newspapers and magazines such as "American Art Collector" and British "Art Review". His work is collected by civic institutions, private patrons across United States, Japan, Korean, Taiwan and National Level Museums in China.

Mr. Duan's Oil Paintings are represented exclusively by American Art Gallery in Carmel, Ca.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a letter of appraisal.

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