Gail Lehman

"When I look at a clean canvas the excitement rises in me, akin to an author beginning to tell a story, a composer creating a symphony. My vision is focused on that square of canvas in front of me. I never plan a painting, but watch it evolve layer by layer, color on color. A joy in discovery! I scrape away sections, and lines, deleting and adding until over days sometimes weeks, that moment is there and I feel completed. A collector once wrote to me, “Gail’s canvases are filled with luminosity and sophistication. It is a great pleasure to own her work.”

During the past eighteen years, I was fortunate to have solo shows on the Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the spring of 2011, while on a trip to Spain, I made contact with a woman who “loved” my work, and asked to represent me consequently, there are 18 paintings in Valencia, Spain. I now have private collectors in Boston, Berkeley, Denver, St. Louis, San Francisco and the Bay area, San Diego, San Jose, the Monterey Peninsula, and in Europe in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and Valencia.

My great inspiration is the sea. I walk along the beach each day and see the forms and changing colors of the sky, the sand, the rocks, and the water. I am awed by the Abstract Expressionists who opened the world to a new style of painting; primarily Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Juan Miro, Joan Mitchell, Jackson Pollock, and Gerhard Richter." 

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