Kobi Raz

Renowned as one of Israel's most talented contemporary artists, Kobi Raz's journey in the art world started in his early childhood. The paintbrush was not just a tool but his primary means of interacting with the world around him.

Artistic Style and Medium

Abstract Landscapes and Impressionism - Raz specializes in abstract landscape paintings and abstract Impressionism. His unique style, characterized by a blend of color and form, often features a deep black background punctuated by vibrant lines and shapes.

Early Beginnings

A Childhood Connected to Art - From a young age, Raz found his voice through his paintbrush, creating a bond with art that would shape his future masterpieces. This early connection laid the foundation for his distinctive approach to art.

Market Success and Recognition

Resonating with Audiences and Collectors - Raz's works have been highly acclaimed, attracting attention from notable collectors including Ellen Degeneres and Larry Sonsini. His art has resonated widely, leading to significant sales and recognition in the art market.

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