Lorraine Lawson

Lorraine Lawson, the Bay Area artist, embraces the art of creative self-expression in her abstract paintings, drawing inspiration from traditional Asian calligraphy and Abstract Expressionism. Her work is characterized by rich, saturated colors reminiscent of the California landscape and incorporates collaged elements gathered from various sources.

In her compositions, Lawson skillfully balances shape, color, and texture, creating a sense of unity in what may initially appear centerless. Her pieces like "Cannery Row" and "So Many Rules" evoke contemplation and reflection, merging disparate elements into a depiction of contemporary consciousness, media imagery, and everyday life. Lawson's art often includes elements of discarded ephemera and old newspapers, infusing her work with a sense of history and urban landscapes.

In an age where authenticity, emotion, uniqueness, and commitment in art are making a resurgence, Lorraine Lawson's paintings stand as a testament to these values. Her work resists the superficiality that has permeated the art world, offering viewers the opportunity to embrace the seriously beautiful and thought-provoking narratives that her art conveys. Lawson's dedication to her craft and her distinctive vision reminds us that painting remains a timeless and renewable form of artistic expression.

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