Masri, an Italian-Lebanese artist, was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, in 1965. A transformative moment occurred at the age of nine when he received a set of colored paints from his uncle. These paints would become his sanctuary for the next fifteen years as he navigated the traumas of Lebanon's protracted civil war. In 1989, Masri relocated to Florence, Italy, where he immersed himself in the study of fine arts at the Academy and the State Institute of Fine Arts. Italy served as both an escape and a new home where he honed his skills in painting, life drawing, and sculpture.
Despite being relatively reticent about self-promotion, Masri's profound talent drew a loyal following of admirers and led to a series of awards, gallery and museum exhibitions, and media recognition. Feeling the winds of change after a quarter-century of artistic creation, Masri finds himself at a new juncture, ready to explore fresh and challenging artistic endeavors.
Masri’s portraits are a psychological exploration, stripped of daily façades. Inspired by Lucian Freud, Masri captures the essence of his subjects in a way that goes beyond mere physical resemblance. His works offer a profound look into the soul, making visible the emotional and experiential depths of each individual.
Masri's landscapes are a vibrant tapestry of colors and tones. His use of light and shadow serves not merely as a technical device but as a narrative tool, transforming ordinary scenes into realms that verge on the otherworldly. Each work offers a tranquil yet dynamic escape, highlighting Masri's exceptional skill in composition.
In his abstract works, Masri fuses color, movement, and emotion to create canvases that pulse with life. These abstracts often serve as magnified extensions of his portrait works, synergizing with them in the same way a robust Cabernet Sauvignon complements a tangy Roquefort.
Masri's technical versatility has drawn comparisons to masters like Delacroix, Picasso, Emilio, Van Gogh, and Gerhard Richter. Often bypassing brushes in favor of his hands and palette knives, Masri employs a medley of techniques, ranging from abstract expressionism to metaphysical artistry.

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