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Masri is celebrated for deconstructing the human condition while maintaining soul and intimacy in his work. Often opting for the direct touch of his hands and the boldness of palette knives, Masri blends abstract expressionism with deep metaphysical artistry, presenting a captivating dance of color and form. Masri's artworks span portraits, landscapes, and abstracts, touching the soul and capturing the imagination.


- Exclusive representation by The American Art Gallery, Carmel, CA

- Solo exhibitions at the prestigious Brentwood Oak Ranch in Los Angeles

- Cover of ArtNews, featured in Architectural Digest, Forbes, and Business Insider

- Awards include the 2019 International Prize "Artist of the Year"

Notable Patrons

Ellen DeGeneres, Ringo Starr, Al Gore, and Tony Coles

"Bold strokes and an abstract approach make MASRI's pieces come alive. Each canvas sings a tale of colors and emotions, beckoning the viewer to experience art in its rawest form."

Masri's Full Collection

Roni Taharlev is an Israeli figurative painter renowned for her work that merges classical European influences with contemporary themes. She teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Art and has had her works included in the collections of Israel's most prestigious museums. Her works have been hand-selected by the curator of the Louvre museum.


- Haim Shiff Prize Winner for Figurative-Realist Art in 2022

- Exhibited works in renowned venues such as:

The Grand Palais in Paris

National Portrait Gallery in London

The American Art Gallery in California

"With a delicate touch, RONI TAHARLEV captures the essence of human emotion. Her portraits, intimate and evocative, showcase the profound depths of the human spirit."

Roni's Full Collection

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