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  • Chris Ferrigno - 'Celestial Elegance', Oil on Canvas (1971).

    30 x 60 inch      76.2 x 152.4 cm

    Chris Ferrigno, born in San Francisco and a native of the city's vibrant artistic milieu, is an artist whose roots in creativity were nurtured from childhood. His intrinsic talent for art was cultivated under the tutelage of his uncle and developed through academic rigor and athletic discipline. As a San Francisco State University graduate, Ferrigno's artistic evolution was shaped by the dichotomy of his mentor John Gutmann's abstract expressionist leanings and the era's favor for photorealism.

    Balancing a dual career in art and real estate, Ferrigno has spent five decades building a legacy that transcends the canvas. His properties are as much a testament to his creative spirit as his diverse body of artwork. With a profound respect for the masters of art and a personal standard that demands excellence, Chris Ferrigno continues to strive for a place among the pantheon of great artists, his life a rich tapestry of work, wisdom, and an unyielding passion for the arts.

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